Meg (megkips) wrote in sincityfans,

Sin City Cosplay Question

Hey, I'm new to the group, but have been a fan since I first saw the movie and read the comicbooks. I was able of hooking all of my friends into the film and books as well.

I was wondering if anyone here had done any Sin City cosplay/costuming, and if you had any advice. Several of us are going to the Philly comicon this year and would like to dress up. We're also going to be attempting to win our school's costume contest for Halloween, so we're trying to keep the costumes "school appropriate".

Does anyone have any suggestions on costume modifications, especially for the Old Town girls? (Gail especially...) Also, does anyone have any ideas on how one could make earrings similar to Becky's for someone who doesn't have pierced ears? (I've been suckered into playing Becky, and do not have pierced ears. We've been talking about headphones, but we're not sure if that would work.)

Thanks for all your help.
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